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What Hydrates Your Soul?

Have you ever gone on a hike or did something that caused you to really exert energy for a significant amount of time? If so, you would notice that after having spent all that energy (esp if it’s outdoors in the heat of the sunshine) you realize your body begins to get thirsty. Your mind starts thinking of a nice tall glass of fresh cold water. Maybe with a few ice cubes or a slice of lemon in it. But the first drink you think of, your body craves is refreshing water. Out of ALL the other liquids out there like: iced coffee, iced tea, energy drinks, soda pops, bai5s, lemonades etc...The first thing your body craves after having exerted and sweated is good ol’ H2O. The funny thing is that IF you drink any of the above liquids listed, prior to water, your body’s thirst is not truly quenched. It may be temporarily satisfied because you got something cold and wet to intake, but your body still needs water. Water provides so many health benefits that other drinks cannot provide. Some drinks (like coffee for ex.) actually dehydrate the body, depleting it. They say for every cup of coffee you drink you must drink two glasses of water. Water cleanses and purifies us inwardly and outwardly. It keeps our body functioning as it should. Proper hydration provides energy to proceed in tasks as well. It just amazes me what H2O does for a person! It’s so fascinating that a clear substance like this can accomplish so much in a body. Wow!!!!!!

In John ch. 4 Jesus speaks about water. The one liquid humanity cannot live without. Christ crossed paths with a Samaritan woman who had come to the well to draw water. However, this particular woman had an inward thirst that physical water could not quench. And IF we are ALL honest we have this same thirst as well. We search for things to subsidize the inward thirst of our souls, but everything tried only temporarily satisfies it. We lose ourselves in un-numbered relationships, we lose our selves in society, we lose our selves in achievements, we lose ourselves in work, we lose ourselves in animal care, we lose ourselves in our families, and we can even lose ourselves in the “religious” aspects of church. Yet nothing satisfies. So many good deeds overflowing in a life yet a dessert of cracked dry land still remains. Why is that?

Jesus went on to explain to the Samaritan women that no matter how many times she came back to this well (a well her ancestor dug) she will always return for more. Thirstiness will always be ever present in her life. However, Christ took this example and applied it to her (to our) Spiritual Lives. There will ALWAYS be a thirst in us until we allow the one with Eternal Water (Eternal Life) to fill that void and quench that thirst.

Remember how I shared that there are some beverages that will dehydrate you, depleting you. The same scenario applies to our Spiritual Lives. The things we do, the things we participate in, the things we allow into our lives (our families lives) can feel good. Great even! But how much Spiritual depletion did you allow to take place for the sake of temporary? Think about... Water. It’s a beautiful thing. But as Christ spoke in His Word (which we know is Truth). That UNTIL you drink of the water Christ offers (saved or unsaved) your thirst will continually drive you in a direction that could devastate you. What does dehydration lead too? Think About it for a moment...

Every dessert has an Oasis, but that Oasis is isolated and if left does not last long.

(Psalms 107:4-9) “...for He satisfies the longing soul...”

What do you thirst for?

"Food" for your thought life...
"...whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."
Philippians 4:8
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