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Sun Valley Church started when a husband and wife (who had recently came off the mission field in West Africa) desired to do more than just be state side. The calling to West Africa had come to a close in Rev. Mike and Sis. Debbie’s life, but for them there had to be more, there had to be something else (another mission field of some sort) they could do for the Kingdom of God.
With that burning desire welling up with in both their hearts, this started Rev. Mike and Sis. Debbie on a search for another calling. God honored their desire and lead Rev. Mike Metzger to the beautiful state called Big Sky Country- Montana.
The Metzger family moved to Montana in June of 1995, and they had their first church service in the basement of their home. From there, God opened opportunities to rent various facilities so that others in the community could attend church services as well as become a part of a church family with a Biblical foundation.
After years of renting a facility God provided land and a building for Sun Valley Church to become permanent in the Florence, MT area. In the year 2002, the Pastor, his family, and church members were able to purchase a building that has become a church for the who so ever will.
Bro. Mike and Sis. Debbie have always had an adventurous spirit along with an unwavering commitment to God’s calling placed on their lives. They, along with their family continue to pastor and stay actively involved in the pioneering work God has called them to—Sun Valley Church.

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